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CMS Desktop

The heart of the CMS is the control centre software. This includes our CMS Desktop dispatcher software which allows each call-taker to book jobs, track Vehicles on a live map display, view the activity in the system, and resolve problems. Our computerized booking handling system offers efficient, easy to understand and hassle free booking handling by taking the advantage of modern technology but at the same time keeping the interface simple to understand and use .

CMS provides support for cab office’s management and operators to maintain and manage telephone and on door cab booking orders. The system provides a number of value added functionalities from empowering the booking handling process and driver management to managing the drivers` records.

CMS has been integrated with the latest and route mapping and vehicle tracking functionality, along with our own easy paperless booking, easy to use dispatching system, finding/editing bookings, regular bookings, map visualization , accurate pricing based on route and vehicle type, adding/editing plots, calculating driver wages, reports, caller logging interface (CLI), and many more tools to help cab office businesses to achieve their objectives with high levels of customer satisfaction by providing prompt, reliable and efficient service.

Using CMS ensures a strong and smooth internal workflow management. CMS provides a complete service package including computerized booking handling system, financial handling system, staff management system and much more.

Key features

Job Price Verification

Verify each job without editing before invoicing them to customers. With this feature user can update job price and its breakdown free-handed without any restriction.

Soon to clear Option

This feature allow controller to find out how many drivers are going to be clear in soon resulting in better productivity of drivers.

Location Surcharge

Location Surcharge allows to charge different extra charges for different post codes on top of mileage price. Using this feature user can consider level of traffic in any particular area and define extra charges for that area.

Zone to Zone Pricing

User can create different zone on map and define fixed prices from one zone to the others. Zones are an area selected or defined on map by users.

Third Party Fleet Provider Management

Third party fleet provide option enables user to manage their forwarded jobs to any other fleet provided and keep record of it for accounting purposes or record maintenance. This also helps to create statement of the different third party fleet providers.

Pay through PDQ Option

Pay through PDq option enables users to use any PDQ to take payments with filling up form from base customers. This option maintains the record how many payments have been take on PDQ to verify the statement provided by back to confirm the payments received in bank.

SMS Inbox

Operator can view SMS send by the customer from their mobile. They also can reply to that message if needed.

Costomized Text Size

This option provides accessibility to the people who finds difficulty in reading small font on computer and therefore cannot work on computers.

Estimated Time of Driver Arrival

ETA suggests real time estimated driving time to get to the puckup address from suggested driver’s current position at the time of dispatch time, resulting in reduced petrol consumption.

Commissioned Agent Management

This option helps to maintain different commissioned agent and create statement for them according to their agreed time interval. This helps to calculate the commission of all the jobs provided by those agents.

Live Driver's Earning

This feature helps to keep live track of each drivers earning for the day. This helps to be fare with all the drivers on board.

Call Recording

You can record all your incoming calls for scanning or training purpose. This feature helps to resolve many dispute if happened at later stage for any jobs

Book Job for Drive As Directed Booking

Drive as directed make controller life easier in case of customer know the route but don’t know the name of place he is going to. Controller can book this type of job with just one easy click instead of trying to understand the detail from customer. When the job is completed by driver on PDA the destination is automatically added to the job and fare is calculated appropriately.

Maintain Driver's Leave

You can maintain drivers leave record and create their statement without charging them for that period.

Driver Route Tracking

This feature allows you to check which actual route driver have taken for individual jobs.

Job ID (Booking Reference Number) Added to the SMS configuration

This feature allows user to configure if they want to send Booking Reference number in booking confirmation SMS to customers making controller life easier in case of any inquiry customer wants to have.

Meet & Greet Printing and Reminder

Meet & Greet reminder is a function help to remember if driver has to have a Meet & Greet Banner when he is picking up from Airport.

Manage School Runs for Council

You can define different route number and create a School Run Job using that route number, which is mandatory for council jobs.

Driver Feedback & Performance Monitoring

Customer can provide their feedback about driver through SMS. Using customer’s feedback each driver performance will be calculated and user can generate a report to view helping him to find out good or bad driver.

Job Audit

Each action performed on every job is recorded and allow you to investigate in case of any problem in that job.

Call Log

You view all you incoming calls record with date and time.

Multiple Notes for Jobs

This feature helps you to add unlimited notes for future reference helping you to resolve any dispute or related to job in the future.

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