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CMS Mobile

The CMS Mobile is a user friendly application for cab drivers and part of the CMS solution. Based on latest market edge technology touch screen interface driven and paired with the CMS Desktop and GPS navigation, the software streamlines the dispatch process by assigning the jobs to the driver closest to the pickup point. It also provides the driver with all the job details and directions right at the tip of his/her hand. The GPS data also enables the controller to track the fleet at all times.

Now you no longer need Windows PDA's. With CMS for Android you can now install CMS Mobile directly on your drivers' phones. We haven't forgotten about your clients either - customized iPhone and Android booking apps are now available to tap into new source of revenue.

CMS handheld solution comes in the form of a package consisting of:

Key features

Vehicle Selection Option

This feature enable driver to select the vehicle he is driver today from their handheld devices. This is very useful when company has their own fleets.

Payment through Credit Card

This feature enables Driver to take payment through PDAs from cars itself by providing credit card details.

Agent Commission Notification

This feature allows management to manage multiple agents they have contract with and paying them commission for providing jobs.

Special Instruction Notification

If there is any additional information mentioned by the controller in dispatched job. It may easily be missed by driver. This notification reminds driver to read the additional information attached to the job.

Server Disconnection Notification

This feature helps drivers to know if there is any problem in office either with internet or the server machine itself.

Wait & Return Job Notification

If the job is for round trip it makes it easier for driver to identify by having an icon sticked to the job screen.

Hackney Jobs

Drivers can do jobs using GPS meter from their handheld device itself and the jobs will be saved on the system with pickup and destination details in it.

Suggest/Add Location from PDA

Drivers can suggest any frequent custom place then think can be useful will be helpful to controller.

Add Extra Charge for Jobs from PDA itself

Drivers can add any extra charges might occur during the jobs from their PDA itself. Added amount will be added to the total and jobs detail will be update appropriately.

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