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Take a look at the new and enhanced list of functionalities that have been added to the latest release of CMS, Just another reason why we are miles ahead!!!

Our aim, as you have come to expect, is to always exceed your expectations. We keep on delivering for you so that you can delivery your customers better.

Property Lost & Found

"Property Lost & Found ", functionality allows a taxi company to record property lost and found complains by customers or drivers.

This helps cab offices to manage lost properties efficiently and provide customers services to their customers promptly. This functionality is key requirement for PCO.

Live Driver's Earning

This feature helps to keep live track of each drivers earning for the day. This helps to be fare with all the drivers on board.

Commissioned Agent Management

This option helps to maintain different commissioned agent and create statement for them according to their agreed time interval. This helps to calculate the commission of all the jobs provided by those agents.

Call Recording

You can record all your incoming calls for scanning or training purpose. This feature helps to resolve many dispute if happened at later stage for any jobs.

Estimated Time of Driver Arrival

ETA suggests real time estimated driving time to get to the puckup address from suggested driver’s current position at the time of dispatch time, resulting in reduced petrol consumption.

Ring Ring- VIP Booking

The "Ring Ring- VIP Booking", allows a taxi company to receive call from agents outside the busy environment, especially over the weekend.

For instance, Cab companies who has their agents on the door of a busy night club, as the customers required a cab agent just buzz to the cab office, this is sent to booking and despatch system in the office and then allocated as a job in the same manner as a telephone booking but without any destination which driver entered when he picked up the customer.

We are sure; this functionality will help a lot of clients who do not want to miss any potential customers and providing efficient service.

Dual Monitor

Dula Monitors CMS works on dual monitors, this functionality allow operators to track and see drivers position in real while they are busy taking bookings.

Credit Card Payment

Allows customers to pay by credit or debit card, making sure you never lose a customer when they do not have cash.

SMS Messaging

Ensuring your passenger safety at all times, your customer will feel safe in the knowledge that he has full details and description on the driver and vehicle dispatched to pick him up.

Jobs Bidding

Serve customers better buy ensuring that an individual driver never devalues your reputation by missing a pickup.

Driver Commission and Rent Calculations

Flexible driver rent and commission calculations allow you to have individual drivers on different payment plans.

Peak Timings Fare

Set different pricing schedule based on the time of day.

Fixed Pricing

Set a fixed price from a one location to another e.g. Heathrow to West End

Auto Fare Calculation Displayed on CMS Mobile

Allow your passenger to pay based on time and distance, a Fare can be displayed on the CMS Mobile which ticks up when the driver moves the vehicle or is waiting just like a Black CAB.

Auto Dispatch

All the jobs to be intelligently dispatched by CMS Desktop to CMS Mobile based on the vehicle type and distance from pick up.

CMS Mobile Auto Update

One less thing for you to worry about, our system will update itself when required.

Map on Booking Screen

When you controller enters a job, they are displayed the map of the route to increase geographic education.

Jobs and Drivers Report

Report can now be viewed on CMS Mobile so the drivers are kept informed of the work they have completed.

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