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To help you get to grips with the CMS we have prepared a manual that will help you make the most of the CMS. It contains detailed and illustrated to make even the most advanced management tasks in the system easy and fast. The manual is constantly updated to cover the newest features and improvements in the CMS products so do check back every now and than to make sure you get the most out of Your CAB Management System.

CAB Management System

The main objective in CAB business is to achieve high level of customer satisfaction by providing pleasant environment and an efficient service. This helps generating revenues, building long-term customer relationship and spread good word of mouth.

Current market trends in CAB business, increasing threshold of customer satisfaction level and external competition led cab business’s owner to achieve target market share by providing better service package. This service package will include internal workflow improvements through a computerized booking handling system, jobs management and employees’ management with greater efficiency.

Download CMS Brochure
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CAB Management System User Manual

Download CMS User Manual
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