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  1. Does the CMS run on Mac or Linux?
    No, the CMS is a windows application
  2. What components are there in the CMS package?
    The CMS family consists of 4 elements the CMS Desktop which is your control centre, the CMS server which sends your data to the drivers, the CMS Mobile for your drivers and the CMS Online so people can book your cabs anytime from anywhere
  3. Is the job sent to the PDA as an SMS?
    No the job is sent as a data package so you don't pay anything more than your data plan.
  4. Do the drivers PDA's have sat nav?
    Yes the CMS Mobile is fully integrated with the CoPilot professional navigation software
  5. Is there a way the controller can communicate with the drivers?
    Yes the CMS Desktop and CMS Mobile come with an integrated chat client.
  6. How do i get support for the products?
    We strive to make sure we are accessible in a multitude of ways so you can email us support@cabmanagementsystem.com fill in a form on the site or call our office on +44-2085785578.
  7. If we don't have PDA's can the jobs be sent via SMS?
    Yes for our clients wishing to use standard mobiles we have an SMS Dispatch functionality.
  8. Is there a way to customize the application to suit my taste and and requirements?
    Yes you can control the colour and adjust the window settings for the Dispatch screen.
  9. What if I need some additional functionality?
    We will be more than happy to build any and all additional functionalities to make sure that you gest the best possible fit for your business. There will be additional cost involve based on requirement.
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