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CMS Profile

The Company

Established in 2004 CMS is an upcoming player in the field of cab management software and custom IT solutions for businesses. Originally started as a one man operation the company now includes a UK based team as well as an offshore development team helping us provide fast and efficient solutions to our clients. Since the company was established our main aim has been to provide the clients with the solutions they need thus we work closely with our clients to ensure the highest level of excellence.

CAB Management System

We specialize in the cab industry with our CMS products family including:
  1. CMS Desktop
  2. CMS Mobile
  3. CMS Online

The products leverage all of our areas of expertise bridging between the windows based desktop soultion, advanced mobile aplications and custom online systems.

Other Areas

Though we specialize in cab software that is not really all that we cover. Our team has been involved in many on-line projects as well as a few in the telecommunications sector in those areas. CMS undertakes end-to-end development projects for its customers and develops custom applications across a wide range of technologies based on the offshore-onsite model. We deploy our proprietary methodology and leverage reusable components and knowledge of management practices to execute development projects in the shortest possible time. The step-by-step methodology in Application Development services is as follows:
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