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Purchasing any of the CMS packages includes full training. The programme consists of a full day on site training for you and all your controllers. During that day you will learn all basic functionality as well as administration and PDA usage for the drivers.

But should you need more: a refresher on the advanced functions or maybe just getting a new controller up to speed don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in this form and one of out consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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Business Consultancy

Ever thought of staring in the cab industry this is the place to go. We will lead you through all the legal hoops and help you get your career in the cab industry moving. We provide advice on how to open a new business as well as help in taking your company to the next level with on-line presence, modern hardware as well as marketing advice and printing services

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Web Design

In the modern age on-line presence is key to a business expansion it allows global reach and round the clock availability. The Cab Management system caters to all your we-design needs, weather it be a simple on-line business profile or an extensive booking system integrated with the CMS software we have all your needs covered.

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In cooperation with our industry partners we will help you make the most of your business with modern communications hardware. Anything you might need from radio systems to PDA's , computers and networking, phone exchanges, on-line security cameras we have all your needs covered.

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Marketing and print

In the cab business nothing is as important as getting to new customers and keeping the old ones. There are many ways of doing it and we know them all. Websites, printed adds, business cards, leaflets we can help you with all of them. We provide cab industry orientated web-design and print.

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