Genting, UK

Genting UK PLC is the largest casino operator in UK with 5 London premier clubs, holding consists of more than 40 Casinos including the Crockfords, Maxims, Palm Beach Colony Club and Mints brands. In March 2013, Genting was looking for transport management solution for their premium club member to provide them chauffer driven pick & drop service. After many months of research into available transport management solutions in the market,general response from the market was availability of the off the shelf solution with no customisation options. The first question asked to CMS was whether we can do a bespoke solution or not. We confidently presented what we have done for this fast paced evolving market in the past and consulted what we can do for their future. Iain McCabe, Transport Service Manager said,”Having a rich background in the transport industry in the past it was vital to the long term strategy of Genting that we opt for a solution provider that is flexible, expandable and adoptable in the market.” They provided us with a list of requirements most of which were all standard features with CMS, however there were a few features that CMS introduced to their range such as Remote Booker which allowed there staff to do booking, cancellation or modification from anywhere in the world via cloud. Automated real time progress, job dispatch to 3rd party, vehicle management and tracking etc. Just after two meeting things were finalised in a final meeting with the senior executives from both sides in regards to project completion and outlay. Although forced to do this high level customisation due to lost time to find a suitable supplier for them, we delivered completed project within in the timeframe including change requests in between. CMS pulled out all the stops and helped us every step of the way during this somewhat stressful time. We are also delighted with the level of help and guidance from CMS developers &customer support team since day one. We?re still getting used to having a system that is so flexible. We feel confident that our high profile customers are safe and secure as we can track the vehicle in real time. Since the install they have been able to track theirvehicles anywhere in the UK due to the national coverage that they now enjoy and secondary benefit of having things compartmentalised is there is an audit trail of every transaction and event. No more need to go through pile of papers, everything is monitored and audited. “After reviewing the rest, we have the best solution”, Iain McCabe said,Iain McCabe said, ?They are able to produce management reports on just about every subject and the whole system can be manipulated to work the way they want it to work because all of the critical parameters can be altered by the user something that was previously very costly and time consuming. My advice is, after reviewing the rest, we have the best solution. Whether you?re new to management systems or you?ve used others you need to check out Cab Management System CMS.
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