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For companies and offices with a number of computers it becomes increasingly important to make sure the infrastructure is setup to help your systems run securely and efficiently. Installing a server and Local Area Network (LAN) presents a number of business benefits, and CMS dedicated team of qualified and experienced Engineers are well placed to make sure your company receives them all.

CMS Network consultation Team will hold your hand throughout the services lifecycle. Our team is equipped with Infrastructure Knowledge and experienced with assembling cloud solutions. Our approach to handling the whole process is very detailed and peculiar, so it proves to be really effective for the customers.


Our consultation includes detailed inspection of client’s network, infrastructure and issues. It might comprise of focused investigation and recommendations or a plethora of audit services as per clients requirement. This is a prequel to coming up with a design


Our design services are supported with the help of experienced design solutions. The designs that CMS offers are mostly hybrid based on standard solution with additional detailing as per the requirement gathered in the consultation.


This stage of our process comprises of supply services and point network configuration to service transactions and full fledge deployment. All the details in this stage are managed by a certified manager to confirm risk control and timely deployment to the client.


After deployment our team will continue to manage and provide support to the client. The whole project is handed over to our support member from the deployment consultant, in order to ensure its maintenance and monitoring.

Some of the benefits of a server based LAN include

Easy Sharing Of Data
Between Users

Centralised Backup Of
Files & Settings

Easy System

Easy Sharing Of

Strong Centralised

Investment On
One Server

Faster & Efficient

Lower Overall Costs
By Concentrating

Centralised Management Of
Application Updates

At CMS, we are able to advise our clients on the best solution and the benefits their business could receive. Using the latest technology (including Microsoft Windows Servers, Small Business Server, Exchange, Amazon and other cloud solutions). We can provide a networking solution from start to finish – from initial planning, through cabling and implementation, to on-going support. We also provide number of options to upgrade existing systems.

Beyond LANs and WANs, we offer a number of services for the installation and support of Wireless networks (WLAN), Internet and email access, and Microsoft Certified network support services.

To minimise disruption, we also offer our services out of normal office hours.

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