Success Stories

Genting, UK

Genting UK PLC is the largest casino operator in UK with 5 London premier clubs, holding consists of more than 40 Casinos including the Crockfords, Maxims, Palm Beach Colony Club and Mints brands. In March 2013, Genting was looking for transport management solution for their premium club member to provide them chauffer driven pick & drop service. After many months of research into available transport management solutions in the market,general response from the market was availability of the off the shelf solution with no customisation options. The first question asked to CMS was whether we can do a bespoke solution or not. We confidently presented what we have done for this fast paced evolving market in the past and consulted what we can do for their future. More

Redress Scheme – CRM

CMS has been engaged in a Redress Scheme where customers were miss-sold credit cards/policies by leading banks in UK. There was a need for a CRM application to hold a list of all customer details, including name, address and other information to identify the customer and to track progress through the communications exercise. The database will also hold a list of policies related to each customer, a list of transactions against a policy (including renewals and payments made by the customer) and a list of settlements (generally a claim or other credits) applied by one of the banks to a policy. More
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