• Redress Scheme – CRM

    CMS has been engaged in a Redress Scheme where customers were miss-sold credit cards/policies by leading banks in UK. There was a need for a CRM application to hold a list of all customer details, including name, address and other information to identify the customer and to track progress through the communications exercise. The database will also hold a list of policies related to each customer, a list of transactions against a policy (including renewals and payments made by the customer) and a list of settlements (generally a claim or other credits) applied by one of the banks to a policy. There were 5 distinct phases to the exercise which follow data cleansing of circa 4.4M policy records.
    • Phase Zero – Preparation
    • Phase One – A PSL letter
    • Phase Two – A vote form
    • Phase Three – A Claim Form
    • Phase Four – A Payment (Cheque printing) or letter
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